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Long awaited discussion of Luna Eclipsed, part 1
mlp, spike

So much to see and talk about! LiveJournal may try to squeeze these images, so if they look wonky, just click though to my Photobucket.


Big Mac is looking very goth in that top hat. He's giving some other ponies a hay ride. In the background, that's Lemon Hearts as a mouse. How did she get her tail to do that? Also Colgate/Romana as a doctor.


Note the writer: M. A. Larson has written six episodes of MLP, and they've all been good. Including Sonic Rainboom and both parts of Return of Harmony.

Two more examples of tail-modification. The knight is a unicorn named Seafoam, (I wonder what her special talent is?) and that's Carrot Top in the devil getup. I love her little cloven-hoof booties. Dig that pony Cleopatra walking like an Egyptian by the stage. Some fans say that the ninja stallion up front is based on a Mortal Kombat character, but I don't see the resemblance. No idea who the sheet ghost is. I think Studio B missed an obvious gag by not having a unicorn in a sheet with the horn poking through. Some fans think the band on stage is a recolor of the band playing at the gala, but I have my doubts.


That lion costume is pretty cool. That's Cherry in the bee costume. In the background, we can see Big Mac's passengers. That's Raindrops in the viking helmet, a Cherry clone, and Cloud Kicker in the witch's hat. You can't see it here, but she has a giant wart stuck on her snout.

Look at buildings in the background. There's the salon from Show Stoppers, and the joke shop from Griffon the Brush-off.


Yes, that's Mr. and Mrs. Cake, Pinkie Pie's employers/landlords/parent surrogates, dressed at Raggedy Ann and Andy.

This is in front of the joke shop. You can see the sign right above the sheet ghost's head.


Here's Rainbow Dash being a jerk and shocking people. Spike faints away with shock.

I wonder why they used this group of nameless background fillies for Pinkie Pie & Pipsqueek to pall around with? Maybe they are saving Pip's first meeting with the CMCs for a later episode. The CMCs do show up for Zecora's story, but they get no lines and little screen time.

If you look above and to the right of the astro-pony, you'll see...another joke shop. How many does Ponyville need, anyway?


Ah, there they are. I love Count Sweetie Belle's hair, even if her fangs look like buck teeth. I guess herbivores don't have canine teeth.


It's Dinky! She's a cute little firepony. (Also, Pipsqueek looks kinda like a dog here.) I dunno where Apple Bloom was during this. She's in the previous scene, but I couldn't find a good still of her Bride of Frankenstein costume. This fan art will have to do.

Art by ShadowSquirrel

Sweet Celestia, the post is huge, and I haven't even gotten to the plot yet. I'll pick up tomorrow, with even more pictures. Here's something to keep you amused until then.


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This show has such consistency and great details. I had not noticed the background buildings being from previous episodes.

In the shot of Mr. and Mrs. Cake's sweets cart, I love the giant cupcake with batwings and one big eyeball on top.

They reuse buildings just like they reuse the background ponies. Apparently that joke shop gets around.

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