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Pony Day
mlp, spike
I was all geared up to do my long-awaited Nightmare Night post, only to discover that two whole weeks have past, and there's a new episode ready to go. (I usually wait long enough for quality screen shots to show up, and to read about all the sneaky jokes so I can appear clever.)

So what did I think of Luna Eclipsed?


There was so much fan-created material about Luna that everyone was braced for loud wailing and gnashing of teeth from fan-artists, once canon Luna shattered their elaborate fictions. Instead, pretty much everyone fell in love with the haughty, bombastic Luna we got. She's awesome.

So many little details in this episode. The CMCs were all dressed as classic Universal Studios monsters: Sweetie Belle as Dracula, Scootaloo as the Wolfman, (Wolfpony?) and Apple Bloom as the Bride of Frankenstein.

The regulars of Ponygoon's freeze frame theater have found quite a few costume gags that I didn't spot on first viewing. Like Mr. & Mrs. Cake as Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. Little details like Carrot Top's devil costume having little cloven-hoof booties.

I may need to watch it again, and do an in-depth, spoiler-filled review at a later date. Right now, the new episode is calling me. So stay tuned next time, when THE FUN WILL BE DOUBLED!


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