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New pony toys on the way
mlp, spike
Taobao is an auction company based in China. A lot of prototype toys show up there, since that's where the factories are. So far, they've always been the first with pictures of the new MLP toys. Some pics showed up recently for us all to scrutinize like blurry pictures of bigfoot.

These are part of a new wave of the tiny molded-plastic toys that the collectors call "Ponyville" figures. That is absolutely a Big Macintosh mini. Been a long time since Hasbro made a male MLP figure.

As usual, Equestria Daily has the scoop.

It's surprising enough that Hasbro finally made another mold. They used the same five molds for the first two waves. I assumed that if they ever made another, they'd finally make one for poor Fluttershy. She just looks weird as a Rainbow Dash recolor. That's right, Fluttershy, Hasbro loves Big Mac more than you!

There's more than just Big Mac, too. Looks like we're getting official toys of some more background ponies. As with Daisy and Rose, they're going to get official names, and the fandom gets to fight about them. Equestria Daily has a few names here.

Noteworthy is actually cooler than Blues. Heartstrings is a cool name, but the name Lyra is too entrenched in the fandom to change. "Golden Harvest" is a non-starter. She will be Carrot Top forever in the eyes of the fans.


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