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The Legendary Strangething

I got opinions!


Instead of a bio, how about some handy bookmarks?

I have a MySpace page, and a Facebook page, but I really only blog here.

My PhotoBucket gallery. This is where I host my weirdo images.

Flickr, where I store actual photographs.

And You Tube as well.

And a Twitter I never use!

My Frapper page.

scans_daily is dead. Long live Daily Scans! I mean, Daily Scans!

rpg.net Be sure to register for the forums, or you wouln't be able to read Tangency. And that would be a shame.

So I have an Amazon Wish List. Is that so wrong?

Also, I know have a DeviantArt account now. Not that I'm an artist. It's just so I can keep track of other peeps and see their NSFW art. And a Fur Affinity account for the same reasons.

Now I have a Google Profile, too.
achewood, adult swim, al franken, alan moore, animation, azumanga daioh, birds of prey, blue beetle, blues brothers, bob the angry flower, boondocks, brian setzer orchestra, buckaroo banzai, bucko, cake, calvin and hobbes, carla speed macneil, castlevania, chocolate, christopher moore, christopher priest, chrononauts, civilization games, clutch, cowboy bebop, cthulhu mythos, dancing, dangerdoom, daria, dave kelly, del the funky homosapien, diesel sweeties, dj danger mouse, doctor horrible, doctor mcninja, doctor who, douglas adams, dresden files, dungeon crawl stone soup, dungeon keeper, dwarf fortress, evil dead, fallout, fate rpg, finder, fluxx, fraggle rock, freedom force, freefall, fudge rpg, furry, gail simone, game design, gay rights, ghostbusters, gnolls, grant morrison, greg costikyan, halflife, hayao miyazaki, hellboy, heroclix, homestar runner, human rights, hunter s thompson, indiana jones, inwo, jeff roland, jim butcher, jim henson, joan jett, justice league, kevin smith, kim possible, king missle, kobolds, kung fu hustle, kurt busiek, kurt vonnegut, le tigre, lilo and stitch, looney labs, ludology, mash-ups, mf doom, minibosses, molly ivins, monsterpocalypse, monty python, mr rogers, mst3k, munchkin, muppets, mutants & masterminds, my little pony, mystery science theater 3000, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, nethack, neverwinter nights, office space, ookla the mok, open source, order of the stick, over the edge, overcompensating, ozy and millie, princess mononoke, principia discordia, progressive politics, quest for glory, questionable content, rachel maddow, red hot lindy hop, reptilian humanoids, risus, rocky horror, role playing games, roleplaying games, rpg.net, rpgs, ruroni kenshin, sabrina online, sam and max, samurai jack, scritches, secret six, sid meier, sinfest, skin horse, spirit of the century, spirited away, star wars, stevie ray vaughn, strong bad, studio ghibli, super troopers, tales of the questor, terry gilliam, the princess bride, the tick, they might be giants, tim burton, usagi yojimbo, warhammer 40k, warren ellis, x-com, yamara, zebra girl