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Ponyblogging: How 'bout that season finale?
mlp, spike

Wow, what a way to end the second season with a bang! As you can tell, I loved the wedding episodes. Three songs, an awesome new villain, and an actual fight scene! What's not to love?

Some fans honestly didn't love it. I think the biggest factor in that was exposure to the Hub's promos. Most fans had weeks to get used to the idea of a third alicorn, and to Twilight having a brother. Everyone was wondering how, exactly, the crew was going to pull this off. The promos alone spawned fanart even before the episodes aired.

From Egophiliac's Tumblr.

But if you didn't see the promos, all this stuff seemed to come out of left field.

(From peppersupreme)

If a viewer is having problems with the surprises in the first part, it really undercuts the impact of the big surprises in the second part. And what shockers there are...

It all has a very Disney feel. It's an adventure with musical numbers, and ends with a prince and princess getting married. Except instead of a damsel in distress, we get...

A guy. Shining Armor is more like Sleeping Beauty than Prince Charming. He spends most of the
episode helplessly in the thrall of an evil queen, and it's up to his sister and bride-to-be to save his ass.

Like the cliche princess, SA isn't part of this battle, he's just the prize for the winner.

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I guess it did bug me a little bit, two new REALLY important characters introduced out of the blue. But I got sucked into the storytelling pretty quickly.

It's the kind of thing that can happen, if you think about it from Twilight's friends' perspective. She didn't bother telling them about the important ponies from her childhood, until there was a crisis. Most of my friends don't tell me all about their families and childhoods, until there is a reason for it to come up.

Celestia eating cake is a thing now, huh? lol

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