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MLP: Cutie Pox (featuring Pony Lebowski)
mlp, spike

Apple Bloom finally gets her cutie mark! Except not.

As usual, I come bearing images. All under the cut.


A nice treat for those who love The Big Lebowski and background ponies. Makes sense in a bowling ally. Apparently there were references to the movie in Foster's Home and Power Puff Girls.


I don't think these mares are a reference to anything in particular. Lauren Faust commented that she wanted more diversity of body types. It looks the animators are stepping up to that challenge. That is one lanky unicorn.


Boy this looks funny out of context. So yeah, AB goes to the local Magical Zebra and brews up a plot potion. Her special talent is using a loopity-hoop. They can't call it a Hula Hoop, since Whammo has a copyright on that name.


Twist weighs in. Shut up, Twist, no one likes you! The other crusaders don't seem to in this shot. Not even the animators like her. She is without her cutie mark in several scenes of every episode she's been in so far.


The apple family doesn't seem to notice that she can't stop. Gotta say, I loved Granny in this episode. She had a cool bit in Sisterhooves Social, too. Whoever is doing her voice is having fun with the role. It's probably Tabitha St. Germain, the voice of Rarity and Princess Luna.

Hey, it's our first look at the inside of Applejack's house. We even see her bedroom in this episode. Check out the Equestrian Gothic painting in the background. Some forumites have suggested that these are the missing and presumed dead Appleparents.


Is she lifting a thousand pounds with her tail? More importantly, there are thousand-pound weights laying around Ponyville. This bolsters the idea that ponies are super-strong.


Look it's the flower ponies: Rose, Daisy, and Lilly. They do their trademark "the horror!" freakout again. They did it twice in the first season. Gave me a smile to see the tradition continue.

Here it's Spike setting off the panic. Good job breaking it, hero.


Love the pony biohazard suits. I wonder if we'll see them again?

I'll round up this entry with a link to my new favorite screen saver:


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