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Luna Eclipsed, part 2
mlp, spike

Finally we come to the guest of honor, Princess Luna. She sure knows how to make an entrance.

(That must be Lyra in the mummy wrappings. Hi Lyra!)


Did you notice the bat-ponies pulling her chariot? Not just bat wings, but fuzzy bat ears, too. Looks like slit pupils, too, but that might be a trick of perspective.


My cloak is made of bats, your argument is invalid.

Seriously, how cool is that. And not at all ominous, I'm sure.


Luna definitely looks different than her first appearance. Her mane is longer, and she's using Celestia's shampoo now. Her coat might be darker, but that might just be the night lighting. I don't think she's actually bigger. Back in season one, we only saw her next to Big C, who towers over everyone.

Her archaic speech is a bit of a plot hole. Nightmare Moon didn't speak with thee and thou. Eh, I'll cope. A wizard did it.


Pinkie Pie was pretty annoying this episode. Twilight tries to help Luna, then Pinkie appears and freaks out, making all the kids freak out too. After a few go-rounds of this, it started to get old.


OK, maybe she had good reason to be scared.


Not that it takes much to scare these ponies. Even the adults cower at the sight of Luna.

Oooh, more background ponies in costume. That's Berry Punch in the pith helmet. On the far right, you can see Candy Mane in a brown cloak. Maybe she's Pony-wan Kenobi. Just in front of her is Green Grapes/Colton Vines III as Shark-ass the viking. No he's actually Hooper, Richard Dreyfuss's character from Jaws.


Now that's an obscure inside joke. Never mind going over the kid's heads, that one goes over most of the adults.


Woah, who the heck is that? I've never seen a background pony with glasses before. Is she going to be a supporting character? She was cowering next to the mayor, so maybe she's the mayor's assistant? Or maybe they just wanted more diversity in the background ponies.


At one point the mayor climbs a flagpole to escape the chaos. It doesn't go well for her.

Silly Raindrops, why are you wearing a winter wrap-up vest? Where's your viking costume? Did that pegasus steal your helmet? Who is that pegasus, anyway? I think he's new for season two.


Look at poor, sad Luna. The symbolism is pretty thick in this scene at the statue. She is literally in the shadow of her former self. It was hard to see in the original, (stupid Hub logo!) but she's pushing a piece of candy towards the statue. As Zecora said, you make an offering of candy to Night Mare Moon to keep her from gobbling you up.


I finally found a good group shot of the kids. The poor, innocent children. Hey, look, Dinky has lower eyelashes. There are only about five ponies on the show who are drawn with them. I thought all background ponies only had three upper lashes, like Rainbow Dash. That's so odd.

Where was I? Right, the kids. Shame on Pinkie for scaring them. Someone ought to do something.


Something like this. Twi's got mad judo skills. Or maybe luchador skills. Seriously, she does a complete flip and a half-twist to land the way she does.


Scream and I cut you!

So Twilight beat some sense into Pinkie, and all was well with the world.


Except not really. Luna decides to embrace her role as the boogieman (boogiemare?) of Equestria, and puts on her Night Mare Moon look.


For some reason, the town likes her now. I dunno, it's a kid's show. Another Scoobie Doo ending: everyone shares a laugh, and roll credits.

So where was Rarity during all this? This fan-comic has the answer.

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I love Lyra's mummy costume. Even her tail is mummified.

I recognized the guy from Jaws! The symbolism of Luna at the statue, however, whooshed right over my head, so thanks. This show is pretty smart, and a lot happens in the visuals without being commented on in dialog.

I got annoyed with Pinkie Pie too, but I think the explanation of her freak-outs was supposed to be the same as the explanation of the Scoobie ending - that it is fun to be scared on Halloween. (I'm not saying it is a GOOD explanation...)

Yeah, I was happy to see Twilight smack her down.

I scrolled down to your Nightmare Moon image, and thought "that reminds me of Angel putting on his game face and magically growing some fangs". And then I scrolled down to the animated image at the end of your post and LOL'ed.

I suppose I should get around to watching Jaws someday.

All credit for the images goes to the usual crowd at Ponygoons. I had to crop or resize a few of these, but most of the work is other peoples.

I somehow missed seeing Luna spit out her fangs on first viewing. When I saw that gif I had to share it.

As for the "It's fun to be scared" thing, I'm not sure how I feel about it. As a former (ahem) fearful, quivering coward of a boy, I feel like it's important to distinguish between playing-around fear and serious fear. Which is exactly what Pinkie didn't do.

I left out a picture. Click to see the full size version.


It's Ace! The tennis-playing pony from Call of the Cutie, apparently dressed as himself. I really never thought we'd see him again.

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