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My Little Pony Memes: Rainbow Dash is a lesbian
Yuri goggles

Does this meme really surprise anybody? She's an outgoing tomboy with a gay pride flag for hair. This isn't subtle subtext, like Kirk/Spock slash.


As if that wasn't enough, she has a butch-as-hell girlfriend from school. Here's a fun trick: re-watch Griffon the Brush Off and imagine that Gilda thinks Dash and Pinkie are a couple. It's like a whole new show.

This is all unofficial, of course. None of the ponies have shown any sexual orientation, except Rarity, who's been confirmed as straight. Or at least bi, I guess.

I hope the show never pairs up all the girls with boyfriends. Having an out lesbian on a kid's show is probably too much for Hasbro, but leaving things ambiguous makes the show about 20% cooler.


Rock on, Rainbow Dash.
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This post is about 20% cooler than the rest of your blog. Nice call on the Gilda/Dash thing. Gives that episode a whole new light.

Thanks! I guess you found me through

Ya. Consider yourself friended for tracking puroses. :)


No, not newborn cuties! Ugh. What did I do to deserve that?

Why am I looking at this, what is rainbow dash doing to twilight, And WHY DO I KNOW THESE NAMES!
I only know RD and TS.

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